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Praise for What Goes On in The Walls at Night

#1 Amazon Bestselling Science Fiction Anthology. Featured on the Reddit No Sleep Podcast.

Read 13 unforgettable tales in this nerve-twisting short story collection. If you like old speculative fiction and shows like “Black Mirror,” you’ll love What Goes On in the Walls at Night.

"★★★★★ Schrader's writing does much more than amuse. He urges us to acknowledge that while life is mind-boggling and frightening beyond belief, it's also fascinating as hell. Schrader has proven that even some of our nightmares are worth remembering." — Red City Reviews

"★★★★★ Speculative fiction ranks among my favorite genres to read, and Schrader does a phenomenal job with these stories. Every single piece is an enjoyable read, something that's not always the case in short story collections. They are creepy, fun, and thought-provoking. Well done, Mr. Schrader." — Roxie Writes